SMD105 assign2 mobile image

What better to analyst the big daddy themselves Just in case, I either nail it or fail the course all together before the third week is out. It is important to point out that H+K only present in four out of the many social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. One quick point both US and into their respective Canada pointed to the same LinkedIn page whereas the Tweeter and Facebook does separate into their perspective country.

Image wise they ae mostly staff activities and have little to do with the business to an outsider and not a client all that images become less meaningful. However, if you consider the Social Media is selling a community then it succeed is selling H+K community. The pictures are of standard size and quality and resized for mobile. Most image are accessible (they did tag the pictures) and they are authentic, they achieve the purpose of selling the H+K community. For those consideration they achieve the purpose. As for improvement the pictures can resize even smaller for mobile to allow more text to come through. Also with a smaller size it is far faster to scroll to the end of to a difference page.


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