The Next HOT Digital Trend

The next HOT Digital Trend will be “WEARABLE”. From the reading I have lately, they all identify that Wearables of some kind will be the next HOT Trend.  Let me not disagree with so many experts but add two more wearables to their list (their list being Google Glass and Apple Watch): Nymi and Cicret bracelet. Most of us have heard of Nymi, Nymi is a secure, wearable authenticator that increases both convenience and security through continuous, biometrically authenticated, proximity-based access control. The Cicret Bracelet have not reach that critical noise in the market, it’s still crowd funding but check it out on ( You won’t be surprise why I am so excited about “WEARABL”, especially when you combine the Nymi, Cicret and incorporate Apple Pay with it, you’ll have the ultimate wearable and that just the tip of the iceberg.

SMD101 - 2 - Infographic

WEARABLE include such things as headset, gloves, earplug and so on. Given all this excitement how will a marketer take advantage and get ahead of the curve and how would Wearables influence the way we do business. Well for one thing, they are wearable meaning their real estate in turn of display and/or broadcast will be limited (to maintain a level of privacy). The other thing you don’t want to carry a twelve volts car battery wherever you go, or better still wear a solar blanket so you can keep all your “WEARABLE” fully charge. In short (and I mean that ferociously) we need our content to be brief, be quick and concise.  Content that do not take up real estate or consume large amount of power but offer precise sight, sound and feel (what Amy Webb refer to as Haptics) to our audience. Content that are three dimensional and hit all or most of our senses and surround us all at once. Think about being in a bakery and smell the fragrant of the butter croissant in the oven feel the warm, crisp and flakiness of the croissant and taste the buttery in your mouth. It’s a complete experience that envelope you and engage all your senses.

SMD101- InfographicIn order to keep track of such technology, you can spend the four hundred dollar US for an Apple Watch and two hundred and fifty for a Cicret Bracelet. But that is hardly a realistic way to keep track of all the technology and latest and greatest. A far more practical way is through “content curation”, yes you can use content curation to find interesting article to retweet. But the same technology can use to filter out and let you look at what are the emerging technology and what is trending at the time. Of course most free version allow a very narrow choice of subject to curate but some allow more than one and you just need to fine tune those keywords and filter down on what you need.

Content Curation site such as are a very good choice, not only do they offer a better range of topics to curate they also offer a daily/weekly summary of the result. So in fact you can have a daily report of what is trending in digital technology. In order to leverage such tool time management become key. You just need to set aside a certain amount of time to go through the filter content to classified and organize them as to “read now”, “read later” and “nice to know”. Yes we all have limited of a twenty-four day no more no less and there is why allotting a set amount of time and made it a ritual become an important part of the strategy. You can allot those time segment on a daily bases or on a weekly bases, it is a personal choice. For me I allot them on a weekly bases simply because why technology are evolving faster than ever before, it still take time to build the trend. It is far more advantage to not only watch the breakthrough but also on the uptake and fall out. So if you step back a little and let the pundit have their say and then decide if this is something you really need to focus on or simply file it under junk.


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