SMD105 Meme

Meme is so easily define but yet so hard to achieve, otherwise we all be genius and marketing guru. The following is my attempt at it.


meme3-Frankenwiennie 3


To support my position, it have kid and dog that usually peak some interest. It’s to some extend humorous or satirical.  It’s easy to relate, it does have appeal and it got a ring of truth to it. So will this be the next meme?





meme2-Garden CatHow about this one? It’s certainly have a cat in it, and lord’s know there is enough cat people to made it viral. But did it have the universal appeal? Is it disruptive enough? Does it have the satirical humor that carry it through? All this and just in time for Halloween, if only I have a Black Cat!!

However, one more interesting fact, the kid was shot in China and the cat n Ireland. So it does have an international favor to it. Uh!

As for why meme like grumpy cat are popular? There is a symbiotic relationship exist between pets and human and it come down to two camps the dog people and the cat people. Dog usually are view as part of the family who stay loyal and true to their master. Whereas cat always have that aloofness that goes the other way around, that human are subservient to cat. It’s that attitude that somehow grumpy cat project.

pics from:

For all intense purpose grumpy cat could be a very nice friendly cat, but the picture project that aloofness that better then human attitude that is so easily identify by the masses. Grumpy Cat is a meme because it’s universal, it had a certain accepted truth to it, it appeal to the cat people, it also appeal to the dog people (because of that aloofness). Grumpy Cat had that distinct look to be difference, yet it project that familiar tone that human associate or attribute to cat. But ultimately the true test is the uptake by ordinary folks out there. There are no shortage of cat photos out there making it meme still remain a mystery.


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