SMD101 Video assignment

SMD101 Assign2

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The 2 videos that was sighted in my video blog are:


Mercedes vs Jaguar (Commercial “Battle”): <2:21>

Contains 3 video segment. The Strategy for Mercedes is use the video to inform that customer, The second is by Jaguar reinforce their motto: ”Good to be Bad” at the same time take a swipe at Mercedes. The final by Mercedes, I’ll let you figure that one out.


Nissan | Ride of Your Life:                            <2:31>

The strategy: is to demonstrate that Nissan impressive performance. By using the race track to set up the audience and let them see the transformation is extremely effective and should do well in the market.


For something completely difference:                     <3:35>

See if you could figure what the strategy for the camel?


** There may be an audio issue, given time is not on my side will try to upload to a difference source later and tweet out the location once that’s done.

SMD105 assign2 mobile image

What better to analyst the big daddy themselves Just in case, I either nail it or fail the course all together before the third week is out. It is important to point out that H+K only present in four out of the many social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. One quick point both US and into their respective Canada pointed to the same LinkedIn page whereas the Tweeter and Facebook does separate into their perspective country.

Image wise they ae mostly staff activities and have little to do with the business to an outsider and not a client all that images become less meaningful. However, if you consider the Social Media is selling a community then it succeed is selling H+K community. The pictures are of standard size and quality and resized for mobile. Most image are accessible (they did tag the pictures) and they are authentic, they achieve the purpose of selling the H+K community. For those consideration they achieve the purpose. As for improvement the pictures can resize even smaller for mobile to allow more text to come through. Also with a smaller size it is far faster to scroll to the end of to a difference page.


Lost in Social Media

I am a late adopter of Social Media and when it comes to twitter and Facebook, I am lost. Each time I open my twitter or Facebook I am always taken aback by the amount of information/messages on my page. It have taken a fare chunk of my time just to screen through those messages to the one or two that may be important. I wonder if there are apps out there to help screen away those irrelevant messages and leave me with those that are truly important.

I am not surprise when we keep hearing the messages that government and non-profit organization constant fail to manage their social present and drive change/donation. With the amount of information may be the message just got loss in the noise. Does that means we should stop twitting or use Facebook? Not a chance there are those among us who are more proficient with the tools for them going without twitter or Facebook are like taking oxygen away from earth. But to the rest of us I think and believe it is not the amount of material you tweet it should be the message you relay. If the message hold meaning it is far more important than you don’t let it get loss by putting it out like noise.

At the end of the day, less can be more. Especially when resources are tight. I don’t mean bandwidth that had been increasing for the last few years and I don’t think your ISP will take that away especially when they can still made money from it. I mean ‘time’, seriously I rather seat myself down at the end of the day with a wee dram of Old Pulteney (Oops, I forget LCBO don’t carry that anymore, well I’ll have the Monkey Shoulder instead) than to sort through my tweeter. Someday I think those non-profit organization feel the same.


Strategy Vs Tactics

I like story, so what better way to explain strategy versus tactics then in a story. No, I am not going back to Hannibal or Attila of the Huns for that, but in a more modern analogy. In the last Pan Am Game (2015) the final men epee team event was between Venezuela, US, Columbia and Cuba. The US have to get by Columbia for the gold medal match, whereas the Venezuela have to get by Cuba for the final.

Cuba's Ringo Quintero, left, lunges at Colombia's Andres Felipe Campos Zarate (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)
Cuba’s Ringo Quintero, left, lunges at Colombia’s Andres Felipe Campos Zarate in the bronze medal match at the Pan Am Games in Toronto, Friday, July 24, 2015. Cuba defeated Colombia to win the bronze.(AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)


The US fence all out to get to the final (45-42), but the Venezuela and Cuba end their match in a 3-2 score for Venezuelan to advance. Both team want to rest their fencers for the gold medal match. So the strategy is to exploit the “non-combative” rule and only fence the sudden death last minute to determine which team advance to face the American. The tactics, the fencers from both team refuse to engage the opponent thus trigger the “non-combative” rule, and the next pair of fencers is call up until they reach the last match with a 0-0 draw. At which time the referee draw straw to favor one team over the other on the last minute of the match. If both team remain draw after one minute, whoever won the draw will be declare a winner. Both team want to advance so their best fencer fenced the last minute and the result 3-2 win for the Venezuelan, and they advance to beat the American.

So from a strategic point of view, both team get to rest their fencers and they are in a much stronger position coming out of the gate against the American. By the way the Venezuelan won, obvious the strategy work, it also would not hurt when you have the world champignon on your team.


Note1: for result you can check out “”

Note2:  “non-combative”, in team event if a pair of fencers face to engage each other more than one minute the bout is terminate and the bout will be call where the next pair of fencers now face off with each other.