SMD101 Video assignment

SMD101 Assign2

To link to my video see:

The 2 videos that was sighted in my video blog are:


Mercedes vs Jaguar (Commercial “Battle”): <2:21>

Contains 3 video segment. The Strategy for Mercedes is use the video to inform that customer, The second is by Jaguar reinforce their motto: ”Good to be Bad” at the same time take a swipe at Mercedes. The final by Mercedes, I’ll let you figure that one out.


Nissan | Ride of Your Life:                            <2:31>

The strategy: is to demonstrate that Nissan impressive performance. By using the race track to set up the audience and let them see the transformation is extremely effective and should do well in the market.


For something completely difference:                     <3:35>

See if you could figure what the strategy for the camel?


** There may be an audio issue, given time is not on my side will try to upload to a difference source later and tweet out the location once that’s done.

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